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The MAG-MATE™ Group of Industrial Magnetics, Inc. manufactures hundreds of magnetic assemblies and magnetic products for a wide variety of industrial applications using Rare Earth magnets, Ceramic magnets and Electromagnets. These products have been tested and proven in countless applications and are now available from Clear View!

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Magnetic Manhole Cover Lifter

Magnetic Manhole Cover Lifter

Quickly, safely and magnetically remove and replace manhole covers with IMI’s magnetic Manhole Cover Lift Systems.

Our Magnetic Manhole Cover Lifter does the heavy lifting work for you, minimizing stress & strain on your back and body, and providing excellent protection against slipping and falling, especially in rainy, snowy or icy conditions. Utilizing our powerful, Rare Earth PowerLift® magnets (sold separately) in combination with our lift dollies (MCL2000 or MCL3000) or our new, truck mounted PowerArm™ (MCLPAE2000), even a single person can lift and move a heavy, cumbersome manhole cover with ease.

The deep reaching strength of our Rare Earth PowerLift® magnets can penetrate uneven, textured surfaces often found on manhole covers, eliminating the fear of dropping the load being lifted due to power failures and protecting you from crushed toes, feet or ankles.

Reduce your risk of painful and costly injuries and lost-time accidents by having the right equipment for the job – IMI’s Magnetic Manhole Cover Lift System.


Septic Lid Cover Lifter

IMI’s MCLLEG adapter for Septic covers helps minimize stress & strain on your back and body by allowing you to easily and ergonomically raise and maneuver up to a 400lb. septic lid cover. The MCLLEG does the heavy lifting work for you and reduces the chance of painful and costly injuries and lost-time accidents.

The MCLLEG is comprised of an easy to turn, manual worm gear winch and a long lifting strap with hook on a stabilizing leg that attaches to the Manhole Dolly (sold separately). The dolly system has a retractable handle with three angle positions of 90°, 105° and 120°, allowing you to choose your optimal lifting angle.

Constructed with lightweight, corrosion resistant materials and heavy duty wheels for stability, the MCLLEG is also collapsible for compact storage and portability.

Manhole PowerArm

Vehicle Mounted Manhole Cover Lift System

IMI’s new Manhole PowerArm™ makes lifting and replacing manhole covers easier than ever. Just drive within 3 feet of the center of the manhole cover and let the Manhole PowerArm™ adjust to your location. The “Arm” has a 3ft., 180° swing radius and a double jointed elbow that allows the positioning of the magnet (sold separately) in the center of the manhole cover. Once the magnet is centered, turn the magnet to the “lock-on” position and use the winch control to start lifting the manhole cover. When the manhole cover is clear from its rim, swing the manhole cover away. Reverse the steps to replace the manhole cover. CAUTION: Manhole covers must be loose prior to lifting.

manhole/storm drain cover lift system
manhole/storm drain cover lift system

Cardno Subsurface Utility Engineering

Andy Traynor and Sam Gonzalez train on their new manhole / storm drain cover lift system. Cardno’s commitment to safety is paramount for all their employees. Their new lift system will provide a safer  heavy manhole and storm drain covers without putting stress on their backs and damaging toes and fingers.way for all their employees to lift and replace